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Oasis and Xtracta

OASIS is a powerful workflow, data cleansing, data matching, exception handling and storage service that is fully integrated with Xtracta’s automated data capture. Built to handle virtually any document, the software is modular with users able to turn different document functionality on and off as is required. Users can define workflows, matching rules, error handling detection and resolution and much more.

With one of the world’s most powerful and flexible accounts payable processing modules, web-based OASIS provides an easy to deploy and easily extensible middleware product between data extraction and your ERP.

OASIS will interface with virtually any ERP, accounting, document management or other required system.

Document Data Captured From

• Accounts Payable Invoices
• Expenses
• Sales Orders
• Contracts
• Statements
• Remittance Advice
• Accounts Receivable Invoices
• Custom Forms

About Oasis

OASIS is Power Business Services’ premier web based business processing workflow product used by the likes of banks, banks, local and central government organisations, and in the retail, construction and manufacturing sectors. Power Business Services is a market-leader in providing intelligent business information processing services.

These include fully automated, end to end services such as

• inbound mail
• accounts payable invoice processing
• statement reconciliation
• expense claim processing
• traffic infringement (nominations) processing
• credit card transaction authorisation.

The company specialises in presenting data online from multiple electronic, paper and film sources and enabling the electronic processing of that business information. On completion of the processes, their services export detailed sets of highly accurate data to a variety of destination systems including financial accounting systems; HR & payroll systems; document management systems; property and rating systems; Name and Address databases and CRMs.

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“We estimate MYOB Greentree eDocs is reducing time spent on invoice entry by 40%, freeing up 2 to 3 days a month for our Accounts Payable person.”

Andrew Butchart, Financial Controller,
Scandinavian Vehicle Distributors

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