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Our Story

Xtracta’s roots were sown long before the company took shape. As the IT Manager and an end customer of automated data extraction software at a scanning bureau, Xtracta Founder and CEO, Jonathan Spence became frustrated with the lack of innovation in the available software. Coupled with this was the high cost and length of deployment associated with templating documents and the extreme high complexity of the software.

Driven by the desire to make great quality, innovative software that was easy to use, easy to deploy and low cost, Jonathan started Xtracta in 2010 to develop the cloud-based, licensable technology that is available today. Today, the company boasts a world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI)  research team who bring together their vast academic knowledge – several of whom hold PhDs in this specialist area – and commercial experience from around the world. Find out more about our commitment to AI here.

Our global customer base, with presence in every continent, is testament to the calibre of our product and we are proud to have the likes of MYOB, Microsoft, Sage, Xero and Oracle as integration partners.

Xtracta has been performing R&D in the AI space for many years – long before its emergence as a new technology trend. As AI pioneers we are challenging the status quo of traditional optical character recognition (OCR) technology and processes and opening up opportunities traditionally only available for large business. We have made touchless data capture an accessible and cost effective option for organisations of any size.

Where some companies are starting to talk about developing AI solutions, Xtracta has been delivering robust AI based products to the market for years.

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Customer Base

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Our History

Xtracta Team Meeting
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Team Xtracta
Xtracta Team


• Xtracta founded


• Mobile App enhanced for receipt data capture launched.
• Xtracta experiences over 100% compounded sales growth as more software companies embed Xtracta or build connectors into Xtracta.


• First version of the artificial intelligence powered Xtracta engine is launched after several years of R&D.


• First Xtracta API is launched to allow any cloud or on-premise system to connect and submit documents and retrieve data over the internet.
• Advanced artificial intelligence capability launched to provide as close to perfect extraction from simple to highly complex documents from day one.
• Current API launched to allow any software application to provide data extraction functionality to their customers.
• “White labelling” proposition launched allowing software owners to brand Xtracta functionality as their own.


• Rapid sales growth as multiple ERP applications use the white label Xtracta technology
• Major expansion of customer support tools including the auto-provisioning tool enabling partners to provision customers
• Launch of our geo-distributed system of processing nodes around the world to meet customers’ needs around speed or jurisdiction.


• Xtracta continues to experience over 100% compounded sales


• System re-architecture to move into new, easily scalable infrastructure using container based system deployment
• New models available supporting complex line item extraction


• Major new batch system released. New system allows documents of the same and different types to be processed together through Xtracta's system
• Multiple major new enterprise clients deploy Xtracta for business critical processing


• Streamlining of private cloud and On-premise deployments providing options for customers requiring enhanced security or data sovereignty requirements
• Strong growth continues throughout pandemic


• Xtracta continues to grow and supports its global partners remotely as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic causes lockdowns and restrictions worldwide
• Many new data transformation and data validations capabilities introduced to the system as customers shift focus to STP (Straight-Through Processing) of documents to reduce data extraction verification needs


• Research begins on new deep-learning approaches to data extraction. The primary goal is to allow much-improved out-of-the-box extraction on a range of different document types and fields.
• The Xtracta team expands with open borders allowing much-needed recruitment to resume.

Memberships and Technology Partners

We are members of the NZTech .

AWS is a key technology partner in helping Xtracta deliver a robust, reliable solution to our customers globally.

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What Drives Us


Collectively we have…

Over 200 years of experience in technology and software

Over 55 years in R&D with artificial intelligence and data

Our Team


Jonathan Spence

Founder and CEO

Jonathan founded Xtracta when he saw the market was lacking an innovative data capture software provider that could provide a world-class product at an affordable price.  With his vision and passion, he has grown the business from day one when he was the first programmer with no product to the successful global business it is today.

Jonathan has a wide range of interests from history, sport, culture and science.  You will find Jonathan one day on the soccer pitch and the next in a foreign country experiencing new cultures and talking to new partners and customers.

What drives him to do great things at Xtracta?

“I love the fact we have a great product and a fantastic team helping our customers solve their problems and drive their business. I am constantly reviewing the latest in cutting edge technology and I am particularly interested in AI and its future effect on humanity.”


Bishal Gauli

Customer Services and Implementation Manager

Bishal and his team are responsible for ensuring our customers are fully supported right from before they decide to choose Xtracta through to implementation and execution within their organisation.  His team provide personalised support for each customer including one-on-one workshops for new customers. His team helps our customers and partners get the most out of Xtracta and they bridge the gap between technology and solution.

Bishal loves spending time with his family, music and movies.  You’ll also find him outdoors –  trekking and cycling. And between all of that he also finds time to volunteer for various charities!

What drives him to do great things at Xtracta?

“I love being able to provide unique and effective solutions for our customers’ needs and I enjoy the cooperation and support among the Xtracta team.  Other companies are talking about artificial intelligence whereas we are actually doing it!”


Julian Rayner

Development Manager

Julian and the engineering produce the service that powers Xtracta.  His team is responsible for both implementing the key features that power extraction and high uptime.

Julian loves spending his time with family and pets.  He can also be found renovating houses, playing golf, organising Ratepayer Association activities, and advising startups.

What drives him to do great things at Xtracta?

I love being able to implement modern architectural solutions and development stacks within a tech company.  It’s rewarding delivering at Xtracta, the extraction technology glue to power thousands of successful businesses.