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Build Your Business with Automated Data Capture

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Get everything you need to sell Xtracta and help your customers automate their data capture. Either use software already powered by Xtracta or build integration using Xtracta’s API – the opportunities are endless …

  • Embed OCR data extraction capability into your approval or document management workflow
  • Build a third party connector to well-known Accounting and ERP software
  • Xtracta integrates with virtually any software application


Add high-value functionality

Add high-value functionality that removes the need for manual data entry and helps your customer save time and money.

Get ahead of the competition

Expand your service offering and target users of well-known software like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, MYOB and Sage, that already have integrations with Xtracta-powered data capture. Build solutions out of the box or tailor to your
specific customer requirements.

xtracta competitive pricing

Opportunities to increase revenue

Affordable per document wholesale pricing provides opportunities for building recurring revenue streams to increase the capital value of your business. Leverage the artificial intelligence powered data extraction capability to build out better analysis, business intelligence and other solutions for your customers.

How Xtracta works

Fuel your software with Automated Data Capture

With our easy to use API and brandable solution


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Who is already using Xtracta?

Many popular software applications are either integrated with Xtracta’s touchless data capture or have 3rd party connectors to Xtracta. View a full list on our Marketplace.

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radhika - Check n Invoice

“We don’t treat them as a vendor. It is much more like a partnership arrangement. The other OCR vendors we spoke to weren’t half as responsive as Xtracta.”

Chief Product Officer, Radhika Chatterjee
Check an Invoice

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“Xtracta’s API is easy to use and quick to deploy.  It allowed us to seamlessly integrate Xtracta’s automated data capture functionality into Accredo and brand it to look like it is part of the Accredo software.  Users of the Accredo accounting system no longer waste time doing manual data entry and spend more time on valuable business tasks.”  

Jason Weaver, Director, Zeal Systems

Reaching over
500,000 users today

Processing over 10 million
pages per month

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Why partner with Xtracta?

Why Choose Xtracta?

Quick, Easy Integration

Quickly deploy automated data capture functionality with our easy to use API, development resources including an image capture SDK and mobile app and one-on-one developer support. Our API supports both desktop and cloud products and by using industry standard HTTPS POST for request and XML for response can integrate with virtually any software.

Xtracta Workflow Dashboard Screenshot

Easy to Use, Brandable UI

Sitting as a background service, you can provide a data extraction feature that feels and virtually functions as just another part of your application. Where user interfaces are necessary, use our API endpoints to build out your own UI that feels like it’s part of your application or use our easy to deploy, fully brandable pre-made interfaces callable through the API.

Xtracta screenshots of api

Highly Scalable

Using the API, Xtracta can scale from one to thousands of deployments or tenants of your software. With a fully automated provisioning system, you can easily deploy data extraction to all of your users in a fully automated manner. Easily provide data extraction as a standard feature or as an automatically provisionable and chargeable add-on module as part of your software package.

xtracta competitive pricing

Lead Generation

Find the right solution for your customer on our Marketplace – the place to find the best solution with touchless data extraction capability. A Recognised Xtracta Partner with a history of successful deployments also has the opportunity to receive lead referrals and participate in co-marketing initiatives.


Product Support

We offer personal support including training, documentation and specialist technical workshops to ensure you build
a well designed integration and optimal user experience.

Perfect for high volume documents like invoices, receipts and complex documents such as contracts.

Imagine invoices being approval-ready and payment-ready in a click.

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Imagine long receipts photo stitched and captured in seconds.

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Imagine contracts interpreted quickly.

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Imagine other documents such as sales orders categorised instantly.

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Join our global partner network

Get everything you need to sell Xtracta and help your customers automate their data capture.