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The Xtracta API for Smart Contract Scanning: Data Identification, Capture and Interpretation

Save time on contract processing and become more productive using Xtracta’s contract data extraction API. Xtracta will extract and highlight relevant information in your legal documents and help you organise and detect the meaning of data. Talk to an Xtracta expert today about integrating this technology into your software.



Xtracta searches through your contracts and related documents


Identifies the relevant information


Uses artificial intelligence to interpret and analyse the data


Presents the data to you highlighted in the original document for review


Data made available for your software to organise, summarise or report in any way you choose.

Through Xtracta’s machine learning capability, the software learns from your team’s interaction with our Xtracta Engine Learning screen.  In doing so, it continues to finetune its interpretive and understanding abilities.

Imagine faster and more accurate contract analysis, due diligence and contract reviews.

The possibilities are endless …

  • search for specific issues or provisions within documents and have Xtracta present you with the relevant clauses and even sub-clauses.
  • search and interpret the document content to find and automatically match to specific legal conclusions e.g. contract termination, key clauses etc.
  • Detect and logically trace within contracts to uncover specific data where things such  as references between clauses and definitions have been used rather than explicit data.
  • detect the similarities and differences between documents such as employment contracts for comparisons.
  • search for specific values relating to particular issues within the document. For example within a property lease search, extract and normalise termination dates and insurance requirements.

Xtracta’s easy to use API enables highly efficient contract data capture and interpretation that’s easy to use, flexible and seamlessly integrates with your software.

Whether you are a law firm, a corporation managing contracts and regulatory compliance or a legal service provider, if you are processing a large volume of complex documents Xtracta can help you.

Key Functions

Document Area Identification

The system identifies relevant areas of a document where data needs to be captured e.g., finding and highlighting all areas related to “termination”.

Xtracta also provides a simple-to-use user interface that users can switch between these highlighted areas to process the documents.

Contract Value Capture

Capture specific values from the contract (e.g. similar to invoice data capture).

Document Logic Interpretation

Read and interpret multiple pieces of logic to reach conclusions either explicitly stated within the document (which would be found through interpreting logic such as references between sections, definitions, etc.) or that are simply known results not explicitly stated in the document (but can be concluded based on the logic).

How Xtracta Works

Fuel your software with Automated Data Capture

With our easy to use API and brandable solution


Flexible, Easy and Self Learning

Digital, Scanned or Photographed

The Xtracta API supports all forms of documents including virtually all digital formats (PDF, DOC, XLS etc.) and imaged documents (PDF, JPG, .PNG etc.)

Multiple Input Channels

Input contracts a number of ways.

  • API upload
  • Email: We set up and host a dedicated, personalised email address(es) that you or your clients can email documents to eg contracts@yourcompany.com
  • SFTP for bulk uploading
  • Mobile app
  • Web Portal with drag and drop functionality

No Rules or Templates Necessary – Natural Language Processing (NLP) Driven

Using Xtracta’s artificial intelligence technology, the contract data identification and interpretation API doesn’t need specialist engineers to setup “rules” or “templates” for each document design.

Through its use of content understanding, powerful NLP and automatic document layout and structure recognition – the system can learn as a human does and apply general logic across documents from all kinds of sources and structures.

Self Learning, Extraction Review and Workflow Enabling

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Xtracta constantly learns from your team’s interaction with our Xtracta Engine Learning screen.  In doing so, it continues to finetune its interpretive and understanding abilities, enabling hands-free data extraction from documents of all formats and layouts.

Easy to use screens allow validation of data captured and of exceptions to bring data to a 100% match. Quickly capture correct data using the click-to-capture feature with the data fed back to the machine learning engine. Also supports workflow for multi-party review.

Multi-language (Beta)

Xtracta can examine and interpret legal documents in  a variety of languages. English based contracts are already supported.

Personalised, Paperless and In Control

Personalise to Your Business

Tailor the software to your specific requirements.  Whether it is interpreting data to match legal conclusions or detecting differences in similar contracts you tell the engine what you want and it will capture it.

Become Paperless and Streamlined

Data is captured in seconds and a copy of the original contract is also captured and transferred to your software. Become paperless overnight.

In Control

Become more efficient and devote time to more high value tasks. Gain increased visibility into your contracts.


Easy to Use API and Brand as Your Own

The Xtracta API makes it very simple to integrate into your software. With full documentation and personalised integration support and the using of industry standard REST architecture with XML data structures – the API can be deployed into desktop, SaaS or mobile apps quickly and efficiently and you can brand the functionality to look as your own.


Find Support

We provide customised, personalised assistance to software companies and partners we work with to ensure smooth integration and performance of Xtracta. For immediate assistance, please reach out to your dedicated Xtracta Customer Support Manager.


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