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Latest Xtracta News and Media Releases

News and Media Releases

News & Media Releases

Deep Learning Announcement

Deep Learning Announcement As a number of our partners and customers already know, Xtracta has been undertaking research since early 2022 on building new data extraction methodologies using deep learning techniques. Deep learning is a subset of ML (Machine Learning) and the broader AI world. At its core it takes an approach akin to the mimicking of biological brains to perform its activities rather than statistical approaches or heuristics that are common in more traditional Machine Learning techniques. Deep Learning techniques differ from our traditional approaches to learning and extraction and offer an exciting opportunity for our users to see…
Xtracta Admin
News & Media Releases

Introducing E-Invoicing: Streamline Your Document Processing with Xtracta

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Xtracta Admin
News & Media Releases

New Partner Introduction – Integrity1

Xtracta is happy to announce its recent partnership with Integrity1, a leading payroll consultancy in New Zealand that provides complete end-to-end Payroll services. Integrity1 do all manner of things in the payroll world—from high-level consulting and payroll processing to providing audits, remediation, recruitment, and HRIS implementation. The partnership came about when a large client of Integrity1’s needed payroll information remediated. The client’s pay, time, and wage data were held on paper via handwritten timesheets with 600,000 timesheets needing to be looked at. Integrity1 wanted an optical character recognition (OCR) solution to complete this. “Xtracta is something that I have personally…
Pradeep Gurung
News & Media Releases

Introducing Lánluas Consulting | New Partner

Xtracta is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Lánluas Consulting, a leading provider of enterprise system consulting services across Australia and New Zealand. Lánluas specialises in building solutions around the Technology One ERP system—a system used extensively in key sectors such as local governments and higher educations in Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on the Australasian market, this partnership is driving Xtracta’s expansive data extraction capabilities into numerous organisations in the region, with a multitude of application and process automation possibilities. In response to this business partnership, John Speed, Chief Executive of Lánluas stated that:“We chose to…
Xtracta Admin
News & Media Releases

New Partners and Software Integrations in 2017

Below are just some of the new partners and software vendors who have either joined our Global Partner Network or integrated Xtracta into their software this year. And the list is growing with over ten new vendors having signed with Xtracta just in the past few months!   Highlighting the diversity of applications that Xtracta caters for, our new software integrations cover a variety of industries including: A.Anthony Corp - an American company specialising in facility and property management Workbench - providers of job costing and project management software Unimarket - spend management and procurement lifecycle software providers and Sublime Group, specialists…
Bishal Gauli

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