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Xtracta’s easy to use Bank statement data extraction enables easy and accurate statement data to be lifted from documents in seconds.


Suitable for a variety of applications, Xtracta’s bank statement data extraction API is accurate, fast and provides data you can be confident in. Backed by Xtracta’s inbuilt workflow management capabilities, the API can be used in a variety of use cases from lending through to data aggregation applications.

Comprehensive Validation

The system has powerful validations to ensure that all data is consistently and accurately captured from the documents. Including tools such as mathematical checks covering opening, closing balances, and all transactions through to database and external 3rd party validation integrations, you can be confident that only accurate data is output from the system.

Outlier Detection

Xtracta’s system has a comprehensive and highly flexible feature set. Use tools such as the maths calculator, external data service lookups and more to find out-of-the-ordinary transactions and mark these for human review. Statements can also be automatically scored to determine risk profiles etc. based on the number and type of exceptions.

Sort Document Types

Xtracta’s technology has the ability to quickly sort large volumes of incoming documents to determine their types and pull individual documents from large multi-document PDFs. The technology can sort and find bank statements within a wider set of documents and process these with the remaining documents either being ignored or processed through their own workflows


Workflow Management

The service includes workflow management capabilities that includes queue handling (including multiple stages such as QA and rejection handling), document tracking, easy-to-use data correction screens and more. These can be optionally used with the API to assist with end-to-end workflows.

If you’d like to learn more about Xtracta’s specialised approach to document processing and discover the benefits of our bank statement extraction capability, get in touch with the team today.