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The Xtracta API for Smart OCR Receipt Scanning and Capture

Xtracta’s easy to use API enables data capture that’s easy to use, highly accurate and seamlessly integrated with your software.

Whether you are a loyalty programme company, business process outsourcing (BPO) provider, market research company or simply want to streamline your expense reimbursement process – if you are processing a large volume of receipts Xtracta can help you.

How Xtracta works

Fuel your software with Automated Data Capture

With our easy to use API and brandable solution


How Xtracta works

Fuel your software with Automated Data Capture

With our easy to use API and brandable solution


Flexible, Easy and Quick

Digital, Scanned or Photographed

The Xtracta receipt API supports all forms of receipts including virtually all digital formats (PDF, DOC, XLS etc.) and imaged documents (PDF, JPG, TIFF etc.).

Multiple Input Channels

Choose from a variety of channels:

  • Mobile app for on the go
  • API upload
  • Email: We set up and host a dedicated, personalised email address(es) that you can forward receipts to or your suppliers can send digital receipts to eg
  • SFTP for bulk uploading
  • Web Portal with drag and drop functionality

No Rules Necessary and Multi-Field Capture

Using Xtracta’s artificial intelligence technology, the receipt capture API doesn’t need specialist engineers to setup “rules” for each supplier receipt design. Even if the engine has never seen that vendor before, it can automatically pull  the information required including line items.  You tell the engine what you want and it will capture it … vendor details, amounts, dates, payment information including card and cash, taxes, line items and more. 


Captured in Seconds

The Xtracta API will scan the receipt, capture the data and respond in seconds allowing near-real time results to be displayed to the user. Great for mobile.

Receipt Stitching

Receipt Capture made easy. Long receipts are no problem with our receipt photo stitching capability – stitching multiple images together as one receipt. Available as an on-device SDK for developers.

Set and Forget

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Xtracta constantly learns with every new receipt scanned and every interaction with users. This self-learning ability enables the data extraction from an unlimited number of receipt designs in a variety of languages.

In exceptional cases where data may be missing, end-users can also “teach” the engine by simply clicking on data in the Engine Learning Screen to show the Xtracta engine what data they want from the receipt.

Paperless, Efficient and in Control


Become Paperless and Streamlined

Data is captured in seconds and a copy of the original receipt is also captured and transferred to your system. No more collecting paper receipts and wasting time. Become paperless overnight.

Free up Time

Remove error-prone, time consuming manual data entry. Become more efficient and devote time to more high value work.

Gain Control

Increase visibility of expense management data and use extracted data to assist with fraud detection.

Easy to Use API and Brand as Your Own

Mobile App and Image Capture SDK

Use our brandable mobile app or build you own with our Image Capture SDK.

Brand as your own

From software companies who are yet to deploy their own mobile receipt scanning app to startups in a rush to get to market, Xtracta offers a white-label mobile app that can be skinned for any brand and deployed quickly and cost effectively. Add your own logos, colours and language alterations and have your private label mobile app deployed to the App stores in days. Interfacing your software to the mobile app is easy through Xtracta’s API.

Easy to Use API for Seamless Integration

The Xtracta API is very simple to integrate into your OCR receipt scanning app or any software. With full documentation and personalised integration support and the using of industry standard REST architecture with XML data structures – the API can be deployed into desktop, SaaS or mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Supporting both synchronous and asynchronous transmission options you can implement to suit your platform needs.

Xtracta Workflow Dashboard Screenshot

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