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Capturing and Extracting Data from Documents in Different Languages

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Does your company receive invoices or other documents in several different languages? For companies that operate in multiple nations or continents, this is common and can lead to issues with document categorization and indexing. Not all OCR solutions offer natural language processing or the ability to capture and extract data from documents in different languages. If your company deals with documents in different languages, that is a problem.   Xtracta’s solutions use natural language processing (NLP) to evaluate and categorize documents, no matter what language they use. Over time, repeated exposure to a language helps Xtracta’s systems to better understand…

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Quantifying the Improvements of AP Invoicing Automation

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One of the biggest challenges many companies face when it comes to AP invoice processing is an over-reliance on people and manual paper processes. These labor-intensive tasks slow down the processing of invoices and increases the chances of human error. There are many benefits to automating AP invoicing processes including time savings, cost savings, reduced security risks, and improvements in overall operational efficiency. Let’s examine and quantify some of the direct benefits that your company will enjoy from AP invoicing automation: Save Time A recent study by Aberdeen showed that AP invoicing automation can lower invoice processing times down from…

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How A.I. Improves Traditional OCR Technology

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Today OCR technology is commonplace in companies that collect and process a large number of documents. Using the technology isn’t a competitive advantage, it’s a necessity to compete in fast-paced industries. However, there are some OCR solutions that allow you to capture that competitive advantage and improve your data recognition and extraction capabilities across the board. Those solutions use A.I. and machine learning to continually adapt and improve in rapidly changing conditions and give companies the ability to put their data to use.   A.I.-powered OCR solutions enable your company to harness the data that you already collect, improve your…

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The Benefits of AP Invoicing Automation

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AP invoicing is an area where many companies are poised for improvement. Despite automation creeping into business processes all around us, too many companies are over-reliant on employees and paper-based processes. This laborious process actually hurts businesses on several fronts — it costs more money, requires more time, and ultimately leads to more errors according to PayStream’s “2017 Invoice Workflow Automation Report.” Using Xtracta’s automated data-entry solutions, you can automate a majority of your invoice processing tasks. We’ve worked with companies like Scandinavian Vehicle Distributors, Ryman Healthcare, and Nando’s to implement automating invoicing solutions that complement their current invoicing processes….

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Automating Your AP Invoicing Processing Is As Easy As 1-2-3

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How much time does your accounting team spend processing invoices and receipts every month? How long does it take the average invoice to be processed and enter your system? Every extra day that an invoice sits unprocessed, it’s another day until the invoice is paid. Using Xtracta, our system can automatically read, process, and sort your invoices, eliminating hours of manual work that would usually be handled by your employees. Not only will your invoicing processes speed up, but our automated data capture solution will result in fewer errors.   If you aren’t sold yet, let’s dive into why automated…

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What To Look for in an OCR Mobile App and SDK

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If you are considering an optical character recognition (OCR) app for your business, there are a few considerations that you should take into account that can help you sift through your options. Understanding the differences between different types of OCR apps, the platforms that they run on, and how they will mesh with your current business processes is important for finding the right solution for your business.   Some of the things you should take into account include understanding the differences between traditional and AI-powered OCR apps, knowing which platforms will be the best fit for your business, and taking…

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