Introducing E-Invoicing: Streamline Your Document Processing with Xtracta

Introducing E-Invoicing: Streamline Your Document Processing with Xtracta

Xtracta is pleased to announce that it is joining the PEPPOL e-invoicing network as an access point provider. As a software or integration partner of Xtracta, this means that you will automatically be able to offer e-invoicing as an option alongside PDF, JPG and other file ingestion as you do today. E-invoicing is being heavily promoted in various countries and while we don’t foresee fast adoption, we do want to offer e-invoicing solutions so our software partners can offer these to their clients with minimal effort and cost. While we acknowledge there are (and have been for some time) many e-invoicing networks in existence, with the growing prominence of the PEPPOL e-invoicing network in some of the primary markets Xtracta operates in, the company has decided that integration with this network will be its first steps into e-invoicing.


How will it work?

Firstly, the best news is that as we foresee it, there will be no configuration changes required in your integration with Xtracta. Therefore, you will be able to offer e-invoicing as soon as it is made available within your Xtracta account without doing any development work.

How do my clients connect?

The way that PEPPOL works is that each organization receiving e-invoices needs to be registered into the network. As an official access point to the network, Xtracta can do this on behalf of each of your clients. Basic information will be required to register the client, for example a national business identifier. To begin with this will be done through the Xtracta dashboard with APIs to come allowing this to be done from within your applications.

What will it cost?

There will be no additional costs for receiving e-invoices. All document rates remain the same as per your current contracts with Xtracta.

How can I get access?

Xtracta is opening a beta program available to partners starting in June 2023. This program will only allow limited organizations from each partner to participate, so we suggest you start making a list now of those clients you want to begin using the service with.

Will my validation and transformation rules be available?

Yes – all existing data transformations including strip-&-replace, auto-formatting, database matches (both internal and external) and field merge will be available. All validations will also be available.

Is it both sending and receiving e-invoicing?

The first release of e-invoicing will support receiving e-invoices only. We are working on solutions that will allow you to make API calls to send outbound e-invoices or alternatively take outbound invoices sent by for example email to your users’ customers and convert these into an e-invoice to send across the PEPPOL network to the recipient.

Is PEPPOL available in my country?

Various governments are adopting PEPPOL with the goal of it becoming the de facto standard in their countries. This often starts with government procurement running via the PEPPOL network alongside other actions to encourage its adoption. Countries with a strong focus on PEPPOL e-invoicing include:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Various EU countries

Where to from here?

If you are interested in offering e-invoicing to your clients and would like more information or to participate in the beta program please contact the support desk.