Innovative AI Models – Going Beyond Language

By 2023-08-23 Blog

How Xtracta Uses AI Models

The evolution of artificial intelligence has impacted businesses worldwide, and Xtracta is at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape. Our AI models have become invaluable tools for organisations across various sectors. But how do our models differ from the rest? 

Join us as we explore Xtracta’s AI-powereddata extraction software solutions and how they are reshaping industries for a more efficient and productive future. 

Xtracta’s Multi-Modal-Models: Going Beyond Language

The growing popularity of deep-learning based AI language models like ChatGPT has skyrocketed as businesses seek new ways to become more efficient. These models often focus on a single modality, such as text, to perform specific tasks. Since documents designed for human consumption use more than just text to help those reading them understand them, including features such as structural layout, headings, and other visual elements, combining them can lead to better performance and more accurate predictions. Xtracta’s AI models go beyond the scope of text analysis, using multiple facets of a document, such as visual layouts, to find specific data points. 

Our multi-modal models can process and understand information from documents with superior accuracy, whether scanned, photographed, or in digital format. These models are ideal for tasks that require a more comprehensive understanding of input data. By incorporating diverse elements, Xtracta can extract specific information beyond what a purely text-based approach can achieve. 


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What are the Benefits of Xtracta’s AI Models?

Xtracta’s AI solutions have improved business productivity for clients in various industries. Here are some transformative ways our software uses AI to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy. 

Fine-Tuning for Customer-Specific Use Case

Xtracta trains specific models on millions of documents over various industries and use cases, developing an inherent understanding of what the data in each document represents. One of the greatest strengths of Xtracta’s approach is its ability to fine-tune these models for each customer’s specific use cases. This customisation reduces the risk of errors and ensures the highest accuracy in information extraction for different customers. Enhanced accuracy is especially critical when dealing with financial data, legal documents, or other sensitive information where precision is paramount. 

Improvement Through Multiple Machine Learning Types

Xtracta’s AI models leverage advanced machine learning techniques to achieve exceptional accuracy in data extraction. While many model types (such as deep-learning models) we use leverage huge training data sets, we also have models that can perform with high accuracy with minimal training.  

Typically, Xtracta’s approach to model use takes a multi-step approach with deep-learning based models combined with more traditional machine learning models. While the deep-learning based models are typically used from day one of customers using the platform, allowing high levels of accuracy from the start, as they use the platform, additional models are automatically trained on smaller datasets, allowing pinpoint accuracy to be achieved. The true power of Xtracta’s approach lies in its ability to learn and improve over time through machine learning for every customer, bringing ever-improving results and accuracy. 

Xtracta’s self-learning ability ensures that it constantly improves its performance over time. Every user interaction and every new document processed contributes to the system’s ongoing learning process. This iterative feedback loop allows Xtracta to refine its models, adapt to new document layouts, and enhance its extraction accuracy without requiring extensive manual retraining. 

Use Cases for Xtracta’s AI Models

Xtracta provides pre-trained models for various use cases such as invoices, purchase orders, receipts, statements, property-related legal documents, and many other use cases. From contract data capture to our receipt data extraction service, Xtracta offers a seamless and efficient document processing experience for businesses of many industries. 

Since our pre-trained AI models are trained on vast amounts of diverse data, they can understand general patterns and common elements in various document types. These pre-trained models provide a foundation of accuracy that allows the models to make intelligent and accurate predictions. These models cover many document types, allowing users to get started quickly and achieve excellent results, which only improve over time through the feedback process. Any industry that deals with text-heavy documents, such as the legal and finance sectors, can significantly benefit from Xtracta’s AI models. 

Xtracta also allows customers to train custom deep-learning models, leading to significant performance improvements for their particular use cases. This feature aligns with Xtracta’s long-standing offering, the historical document learning API. Organisations can leverage their historical processed data from previous years by uploading the documents alongside the data points they have entered from them to quickly build significant training sets, reducing the effort required to prepare training data for the models. By kick-starting the process with existing data, customers can achieve better results right from the start and streamline their document processing initiatives. 

Enhance Your Business Efficiency Today with Xtracta

As AI models have become more sophisticated, the demand for their integration into various industries and applications has skyrocketed. Whether extracting information from legal, financial, logistics, or other documents, Xtracta’s AI models offer a powerful solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy indigital document data extraction. Talk to an Xtracta expert today to learn how you can incorporate our software into your business operations.