How Automation Helps Businesses Work Remotely

By 2022-07-15 Blog
How automation helps businesses: businessman extracts data using mobile device
Working from home (WFH) or remotely is becoming more of a long-term reality for many of us. COVID-19 made working from home a necessity. However, most businesses saw this shift as a temporary response to the pandemic rather than a long-term work solution, and their strategies reflect this.

How can organisations ensure their processes and workflows are optimised for a sustainable remote working environment? We discuss this below, exploring the benefits of process automation, including the benefits of Xtracta’s AI-powered OCR software and API integration. Read on to discover how automation helps businesses facilitate smooth processing and greater productivity in the virtual workspace.

Automation alleviates the burden on IT departments

One of the biggest benefits of process automation solutions like Xtracta’s OCR software is that it frees up employees’ time, removing the burden of manual, repetitive tasks that could otherwise be completed (with far greater efficiency) by automation technology. However, another benefit is that it ensures company processes are based around electronic document handling, removing the need to handle paper records.

When WFH first became a necessity, IT teams—responsible for developing programs, policies, and technology to support productivity and data security—would have been inundated with additional work. For those companies that had already implemented process automation solution’s such as Xtracta’s data extraction system, this would have already been a process that was simple process to handle while WFH, reducing the burden on the IT department to find alternative solutions.

The advantages of cloud storage when working remotely

Business data is often stored across multiple systems within an organisation; this can make it difficult and time-consuming to track down the correct information and reduce transparency across teams, thus siloing workflows. This can be especially difficult when teams are working remotely. With cloud hosting, organisations can make their applications and company data accessible from anywhere at any time via the cloud.

Cloud-based hosting facilitates collaboration between widespread workforces; employees can easily save time when they no longer need to spend fruitless hours searching through multiple database locations to find a correct version of a document. Furthermore, cloud-based automation solutions such as Xtracta’s easy-to-use data capture software help employees capture and process documents in a matter of seconds, from virtually anywhere using their smartphone.

Xtracta’s automated data capture software incorporating optical character recognition (OCR) technology provides a single location for processing and accessing document data and includes built-in data versioning. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Xtracta constantly learns with each document processed and can easily extract data from any number of document designs without employees creating new templates. This saves time and makes uploading important documents a simple process, as original copies of the documents will be sent to the software and uploaded to the cloud for easy access and review from any device.

For organisations looking for cloud hosting options, Xtracta has a range of On-Premises/Private Cloud solutions to suit every business. We can walk you through each option to find the right hosting solution for your industry and organisational needs.

Integrating automation technology vs overhauling your legacy system

Data management systems are considered the backbone of many organisations; however, many legacy systems were likely not adopted to facilitate working environments outside of the office. Many companies find it difficult to integrate new technologies with their existing legacy systems to make remote working possible.

For example, a company may not be able to complete its tasks or meet deadlines if its existing system makes it difficult for employees to access and share information from different locations. This can stunt productivity and impede a company’s ability to scale effectively. Modernising old systems may not be the answer, however, as programs are often deeply integrated within business operations. This means that revamping or completely changing systems can be a challenging and costly solution.

Compared with the costs of overhauling a legacy system (where you may be disrupting workflows or risk losing valuable data), integrating automation technology is far more cost-effective and time-efficient. Automation solutions such as Xtracta’s API integrate seamlessly and sit in front of existing systems providing an easy means of cloud access. This makes it far easier for employees to access necessary data when needed, no matter where they are.

How can API integration help businesses operate remotely?

Instead of investing in the extensive and costly task of replacing legacy systems to make business operations more efficient, API integration is a cost-effective solution to consider. For example, Xtracta’s API empowers companies to effectively automate repetitive tasks and integrate their database and programs with the latest applications in their industry. This means it will be far easier for businesses to adopt effective WFH solutions that cater to the technology needs of their employees. For example, API integrations can offer employees the benefits of multiple cloud-based apps, as well as the fast delivery and continuous communication between applications.

An additional benefit to consider is that APIs boost product development; this enables organisations to launch innovative initiatives efficiently while minimising the associated costs of the process.

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Regardless of industry or whether employees are working remotely or in-office, Xtracta’s versatile contract, receipt, and invoice OCR software can maximise efficiency and productivity for your organisation.

With our easy-to-use API, image capture SDK, mobile app, and one-on-one developer support, you can quickly deploy automated data capture into your own software.

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