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Xtracta provides innovative, productivity-enhancing software to improve processing and storing documents.

Our cloud software includes automated data capture (removing the need for manual data entry) as well as secure hosting, searching and retrieval of documents.

Catering to digital documents as well as physical documents (scanned or photographed), Xtracta can dramatically lower administration costs and speed up your organization's document handling.

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Callie Arnold | Administration

Architectural Building Components | Using the Xtracta App our whole office is automated, all documents are processed through the App and automatically loaded into our accounts system. This reduces inaccuracies, speeds up the process and frees up the team to get on with more important jobs.

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Narendra Jasmat | Customer Services Manager

Scanning Bureau & Online Software | Xtracta has improved our processing efficiency by 200%. It's a key tool in our business to deliver accurate and comprehensive data for our customers.

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Coming Soon: Skynet.

09 March 2014

Xtracta Blog | Coming Soon: Skynet.

Computers that think like people; either the apex of science or downfall of humanity. We aren't there yet but, after an industrial, globalisation and then information revolution - artificial intelligence and robotics is becoming the next big revolution for humanity. Learn about how A.I. works and 


"Efficienize" your Business

21 January 2014

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Increasing the efficiency of your organisation can make it more competitive, profitable and provide a means to help grow. It's not always an easy road, with time & resources that need to be committed to analysing, implementing and managing staff & colleagues through the change process. Never be disheartened, if you identify positive opportunities and can manage the process well, your organisation will reap the rewards.